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Dad & Boy E-mail
User Rating: / 17
Story by: GSC  *note story of boy is 18 years of age

Man is in a leather harness rubbing the crotch of his dark haired boy. The boy drops his trousers, and man sucks his young tits as the boy grabs for the older meat, bulging in his jock. Boy stands, licks the man’s neck and kisses him. Man pulls his boy’s nipples, sits him down and tells the lad to take off the man’s trousers. This done he pushes the boy’s face into his groin. The lad tentatively licks around the huge cock before sucking on it.

Man has a huge cock trapped in a metal cockring. He wears his harness on his chest. The boy gags on the meat, licks the side, chews the sides, it fills his cheeks. Man has dark skinned balls, veins in ridges along his haft. The boy licks the man’s stomach, all the way up to kiss his mouth again. While he does this the man feels for his ass, the lad is white and slightly hairy. The boy feels the man’s nipples, licks his harness and its studs, feels the man’s tough ass as the man works on his own cock.
Balls up tight in their sac. Man can take all the boy cock, he gets it into his throat. Slams his head against the boy as he sucks him. The boy has a hairy crotch and legs, man takes his cock all the way in then all the way out, it’s rigid solid, proud, sticks out firm.

Man plays with own cock, boy looks down and smiles, then up and closes his eyes. His balls are rock solid too, full and getting ready, but not yet. Man sucks and sucks, boy can’t stand it, it’s too good, man is too experienced for him, boy is gasping already.

Man takes both balls into his mouth. Balls are chewed, this has got to hurt. Man licks them and puts both in his mouth as boy wanks. Boy has hairy chest too, his cock is harder now. Man sucking him faster and deeper, boy grabs his hair, man looks up at him, submissive and wanks his own solid shaft, twists it in his fist.

Sucking goes on until man sits. Boy leans over him and takes his cock in fist. Boy explores his balls with his mouth then sucks slowly on shaft, taking more in this time. Thick and veins, dark balls, boy slips finger into mans ass. Man lifts hips to fuck boy’s face. Boy encourages, pushing him up with his finger that goes deeper into the hole as the older cock fills mouth and the shaft goes in and out. Man fucks boy’s face faster.

Pushes boy’s head onto his cock, fingers his own ass and then twists his balls in his fist. Boy gets both balls in his mouth, stretching his lips wide. Balls are wet and round, cock is dripping, slipping in mouth again, saliva running down it, man groaning deeply.

Boy finger fucks him, man loves this.
‘Fucking yeah.’

Boy finger fucks faster as he sucks, tending to his master, doing his bidding. Boy’s mouth aching but must take all of this cock as he finger fucks his dad. Dad forces his head down, there is boy spit on his balls now. Boy dribbling, can’t take it all. Man rubbing his stomach and reaching for his nipples, mouth open fast breathing.
‘Yeah, hmm. Oh yeah.’

Boy fingers him slower, twisting finger in, and swallows the cock. Man grunts, ‘yeah,’ louder, pushing head down with both hands, hips up to slap powerfully into the face.

Man wants to be fucked proper now. Demands it.

Boy fucks him. Grabbing his harness and pulling him back as he rams his young cock into his daddy. Thighs slap together. Man wants it harder. Boy grabs man by shoulder, rams it home in a fast and furious rhythm. Slaps. Boy’s face screwed up, teeth gritted. Both hands on the harness he rides his dad. Hammers home, the man bent over dog style. Tight balls slap against the ass, dad’s balls swollen against the cockring. Boy goes so fast now, slap, slap, slap, in and out. Half out, faster and relentless.

‘Fuck don’t stop. Fuck me good. Fuck me fast boy. Pleasure your daddy. Harder. Show me how tough you are. Faster and harder boy.’

Dad cock thrashing about underneath.

‘Fuck my hole. Yeah.’

Dad’s wanking, can’t get enough of this young sweet meat. Boy ramming in and out, grabs hips, pulls dad to him faster and harder. Grabs harness again, rides him like a fucker, ‘don’t stop boy. Don’t give in. Fuck your daddy. Fuck me harder.’

‘Take it dad.’ Slap. ‘Like this don’t you dad? You fucking like this.’
‘Yeah fuck me.’
‘You like this dad. I like to fuck you.’
‘Arghh yeah.’

Faster and harder till dad’s gunna cum. Loves that boy fucking him. Screaming out. Faster and harder, grab the harness, slap, slap.

‘Fuck me. Fuck me.’

Dad’s sitting on his lad’s cock now. Squashing boy’s tight balls with boy under him. Cock straight up his hole, dad’s weight on it shoves it in all the way in.
‘Oh yeah.’

Dad grabs his balls and squeezes them as he thrusts up and down riding the cock. The boy’s watching him, feeling powerful, feeling good. Boy’s lost in it now, thinks he’s in charge as dad rides his cock. Dad knows what he’s doing; get as much from boy as he can. Bouncing up and down on a youthful shaft. Balls slapping on each other, enjoying the meat in his ass. Can’t get enough. Dad’s cock flaps around all ways as he builds up to cum.

Dad’s sweaty now with the exertions. Sweat on his leather harness, drips onto his boy beneath him. Twists his cock in his fist, slowly in contrast to the fast fucking his ass is getting. Dad’s grunting and growling now, he’s getting close. The boy is just a toy beneath him. Twist and wank, twists his cock-head. Rides boy faster, tightens his hole, growls loudly and gets ready to shoot.

‘Fuck yeah! Ah, oh, yeah, fuck, ah – ah – ah…’

Cum blows from his solid cock as he plunges the last time onto boy’s cock like it’s gunna force the spunk from him. Shoots onto the black leather chair. Boy’s balls are blue beneath him. Dad continues to ride as he drains himself.

‘Yeah, fuck yeah.’

Then he watches as boy wanks himself off. Dad bites his nipples, boy comes silently, it shoots in all directions as dad plays with his young, hairy hole and rubs his tight balls. Boy wipes his own spunk down his shaft and some lands in his black pubes. Dad watches it all.

Boy smiles, dad lets him go.

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